I help you find peace through original artwork.

I help you find peace through original artwork.

Watch this quick video! (2 mins)

Watch this quick video! (2 mins)


If you are feeling a little lost in your purpose, desire to slow down, in a period of transition or pivoting, love art, the simple things, nostalgia, soft pastel, and all things nature, then you are in the right place. I desire for my emails to be a salve for your heart.

A soft place to land

Hello Friend!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I am a mom, lifelong creative, sentimentalist, and nature lover with a passion for helping you find peace through artwork.

I was struggling with some personal circumstances that felt all too heavy and I had no words to express my heart. My mother-in-law suggested that I give soft pastels a try because my  background had been in chalk art and hand lettering through my business, Lily & Val.

It was love at first layer of beautiful pigment! When words failed, there was art and beauty.

Although physically changing what’s going on around us might not always be a possibility, I can help you find a place to rest your weary eyes. We can enjoy a whimsical, mental escape into other worlds of wildflower meadows, billowy clouds, trickling streams, or dappled-lit paths.

More importantly, though, art can connect our hearts to parts of themselves that may have become lost in the shuffle of everyday life. It is a gentle reminder to sift through the noise vying for our attention and recenter us on who we are and what matters most.

I look forward to connecting with you about an original painting or commission!


Text Me: 412-207-3966

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